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Get your Vitamin A fix with delicious Thai Squash Soup

We grew pumpkins and squashes last year and stored them over winter. But now they are coming to the end of their natural shelf life. Or to put it bluntly, if I don’t use the remaining fruits in the next three or four weeks, they’ll go rotten. No problem! Thai Squash Soup is not only one of the tastiest meals on the planet but full of valuable nutrients.  One portion of this soup contains all your recommended daily intake of Vitamin A. And with the pandemic still on our minds, Vitamin A plays several crucial roles in our immune systems. There’s also significant Vitamin C, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin E, plus useful amounts of Potassium, Copper, Manganese and Iron from the squash. You can use any kind of pumpkin of squash in this recipe. Butternut squashes are a popular choice but I use a variety called Crown Prince.  Squashes are great for anti-oxidants too, to protect you against free radicals – one of the arch villains in our diets. Anyone looking to lose weight, please note squashes are ve

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